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↡ read me please ↡
↡ read me please ↡
My name is Mikey. 21. Plugs, tattoos, longboarding, nerdiness, art, music, etc. My plan in a couple of months is to move to Portland. I'm saving up money. If you'd like to help, donate if you'd like :D
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i need a 1k selfie before i die


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i hate that most zombie movies are written from a perspective universe where there is no zombie lore. i want a zombie move written from the perspective of our universe where everyone knows what a zombie is and everyone tries to figure out what kind of zombies they’re dealing with.

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The finest quality of pure anxiety.

Anonymous asked: So do you have a crush on anyone




God I miss this color D,: I feel like I should Redye it this color ;~; I looked so cute with it

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